This is a demo of the app with fake products and settings, and limited access to features

Account Settings

This is shown here for informational purposes only. You can upgrade from the main app page or contact Wix Support to cancel your subscription.
This is the main language for your website as configured in Settings -> Language and Region. This app only officially supports English, however you can use other languages at your own risk.
This is the main country for your website as configured in Settings -> Language and Region. Note that if your site is multilingual, you will need to go to the Multilingual settings and set your 'primary' country to change this. We use this setting as the initial value for the Target Country (below).
This is the email address we have on file for your account. Please only contact us using this email address as it is the easiest way to verify your account.
This is the account level sync setting. If this is set to 'false', then we won't sync any of your products with GMC. You can use this setting to prevent products from uploading while you get set up. Don't forget to set it back to 'true'!
Weight Units:
The units of weight you use for product and shipping weight (ensure this is the same as the units shown in your Wix product pages).
Distance Units:
The units of measurement you use for your product and shipping dimensions.
Remove Deleted Products:
If you delete a product in Wix (or hide it) then we can't sync it with Google anymore. Do you want us to remove the product from our database? Then select 'yes'. Otherwise we will hang on to it in case you need the custom information later. You can always remove the deleted products manually. This action takes effect during the daily sync (not immediately after you delete/hide the product). We recommend leaving this off, especially if you have variants.
Target Country:
The countries you want to sell your products in. Add one country per cell. You can type in each box to search for a country, but you must submit the two-character country code (e.g. US, JP, AU, etc.) from the list. The complete list is here. Note that not all countries are allowed for Google Shopping.
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