This is a demo of the app with fake products and settings, and limited access to features

Sync Google Merchant Center

This app is designed with one purpose. Automagically synchronise your site's products with Google Merchant Center. There is no easier way to relibably add and update your Merchant Center products without any fuss. Once you're set up, you can forget!

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Site Name: Example Site

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Plan Store Size: Baby

Plan Target Countries: 5 target countries

Plan Variants: Variants supported

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Your store's products will synchronise with Google Merchant Center once per day. Each day we will add/update up to a certain number of products, depending on your pricing plan. Your pricing plan also specifies how many products in total we will manage. Here's how much you're using.

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If you don't want to read through these instructions, watch the video instead. Note that it might be showing an older version of the app, but the general concept is the same.

1. The first step is to create a Merchant Center account. If you haven't set up Google Merchant Center yet, follow the tutorial here.

2. You will need to set up a Content API feed. Don't worry, it's only a few clicks. You can follow these instructions. You want to create a Primary Feed and select Content API as the input method. You don't need to manually create your products, or upload any files.

3. Click the "Sign in with Google" button and follow the steps. Don't do this before you set up the Content API feed otherwise this will fail.
Once you have done that, come back to the app and refresh the page. You should see a green tick next to "Connect your Google account" and the "Sign in with Google" button should have disappeared.

4. If you're lucky, we may have managed to automatically detect your Merchant ID, which is now displayed in the Merchant Center Info section. If not, you will have to manually enter it. Find your Google Merchant Center ID. Type your Merchant Center ID into the box and click Submit to share that information with us.

5. If your Merchant ID is correct and your Content API feed is set up correctly, you will get a green tick next to your Merchant ID. You might need to refresh the page again.

6. Go to the Settings page and make sure you select an option for all settings, then click Save.

7. Your site needs to be published in Wix before your Site Status goes to Active.

8. Refresh the App page and hopefully you will see a green tick in the Account Status section above. If not, address the error message provided.
Once your Site Status is Active, that's it! Your account is ready to start synchronising your products with Google Merchant Center. Please wait up to 26 hours for your first sync.

If you have any problems or you just can't get the green ticks, let us know and we will try to help you out.

Our Pricing Structure

  • Free Forever Plan

    If you just want to test out our app, you can choose this plan, and our app is free forever. However your product limits are very low.

    10 managed store products variant support optional extra multiple target countries optional extra
  • Lite Plan

    For when you have a small store set up and running.

    200 managed store products variant support optional extra multiple target countries optional extra
  • Standard Plan

    The average store will have far too many products to manage manually. We got you!

    1000 managed store products variant support optional extra multiple target countries optional extra
  • Superstore Plan

    At this point you're basically Walmart/Kmart/{insert name of your nearest superstore here}. It would be impossible to manage product changes manually!

    10,000 managed store products variant support optional extra multiple target countries optional extra
  • Megastore Plan

    For when you're planning to take over the world economy.

    100,000 managed store products variant support optional extra multiple target countries optional extra


What happened to the daily update limit?
We have decided to remove the daily update limit and instead we simply 'manage' all of your store products. This effectively means that your update limit is now equal to your total product limit.

What happens if I set a product to hide from my online store?
Products that are hidden from your online store are automatically hidden from us too, which means we count it as a deleted product and we would delete it from your Merchant Center. This would also count as an "update".

When do you take your daily snapshot?
Our software begins scanning at midnight UTC time but we can't guarantee the exact time that your site will be looked at.

What happpens if I choose a plan with a product limit that's lower than the number of products in my store?
If your store has 240 products and your product limit is 200, then we will look at the first 200 products we find and ignore the other 40. If you delete say 10 products, then we will automatically add 10 products from the remaining 40. We strongly recommend that you choose a plan with a product limit that is higher than the total number of products you intend to show in your store.

What happens when I uninstall the app?
When you elect to uninstall the app, we immediately delete your account data and your product data from our private database. This means we immediately lose access to your Merchant Center account too, so all of your products there will remain, however they will obviously not be synchronised from now on.

I'm having trouble getting the app working again after re-installing...
You might need to manually revoke Google account permissions and try re-authorising. Visit your account permissions here and remove Sync Google Merchant Center from the permissions list. Then go back to the app and click the "Connect Merchant Center account" button again.